We are a standout
virtual production
studio from Poland

A creative playground for brands and storytellers and an accessible framework for production teams from around the world. Improve your production timeline, minimise cost and push creative boundaries of future filmmaking with us.


800 m2 professional sound stage
LED Wall Curved 88 m2 (16 m x 5.5 m)
LED Ceiling on electric winches 20m2 (5m x 4m)

  • Trackmen VioCam R+ for camera tracking
  • PXR EasyVive for prop tracking only
  • Tracking area – unlimited in the studio
    (markerbased and markerless)
  • 1 main tracking camera
  • 2 supporting tracking cameras
  • and multiple props

led specification

  • Unilumin Upad IV 2.6 XR
  • Brightness 1000 Nits
  • Color Gammut: 90% of DCI-P3
  • Horizontal and Vertical viewing angle 160 degrees
  • Contrast: 5000:1
  • Color depth 10 bit
  • Gray scale 16 bit

hardware spec

  • Novastar MX40 Pro / A10s Pro
  • 50-240 Hz frequency in 4 feeds
  • 6 x Nvidia RTX A6000 = 6 K real-time render
  • Real-time Greenscreen computing power 8K
  • Genlock sync
  • 2.5 D workflow playback system
  • 5x4K, 10 bit color video
  • Rolling shutter proof LED

ATM System has four fully professional outside broadcast vehicles. Their technology is based on the equipment of such renowned manufacturers as: SONY, RIEDEL, EVS, HARMAN, SACHTLER, FUJINON. Professional, experienced and committed technical staff of our vehicles guarantees a high level of execution of entrusted tasks and ensures the quality of the registered material. The work area in two of our vehicles amounts to more than 40m2 with the possibility of dividing that into two production zones. This provides the most comfortable working conditions for a team of 20people.

Our engineering and technical experts have been broadcasting the Ekstraklasa Games, the biggest EASPORTS FIFA tournament in Poland, using the ATM System OB Vehicles incessantly since 2008. We run the best equipped film rental shop in Poland. Arri Alexa LF / mini LF, Sony Venice 6k, Red Gemini5k and many more are waiting for you, with a full range of lenses, both full frame and S 35. We rent lighting equipment (HMI, halogen, fluorescent - including, among others, ARRI , KINO FLO, DEDO,STRAND, IANIRO) for feature films, TV series, advertising, theatrical productions, music videos and all visual forms, and we ensure a comprehensive service.

We provide sound equipment at every level. You can record your movie with us on top-shelf equipment! If you enjoy our company on set and want to continue the cooperation in post – no problem. There are editing rooms, TV and OTT color correction rooms waiting for you, as well as a Cinema room, where we display the reference image with the help of Flagship Barco: a high-contrast RGB 4K laser projector. Nowhere in Poland will you have access to post-production on such a level!

Poland offers a 30% cash rebate operated by the Polish Film Institute for feature films, documentaries, TV series, and animation. ATM Virtual is an experienced partner eligible to receive the cash rebates on your behalf. We are responsible for all the required documents, application, submission, and final reports.


Our studio grants access to unique, cutting-edge tools. One such is Bolt Junior+, made available through our partnership with ToBe Production. The most compact, powerful and budget-friendly motion control device available in the market. Seamlessly integrated with Unreal Engine and virtual sets, it opens new possibilities at the intersection of these two technologies. Available for you in the studio and on any set across Poland and Europe.


Driving Stage

We are your destination for all types of driving shots. We can take you on roads unavailable otherwise or just make those scenes comfortably easy – by offering our unique know-how and employ a range of custom tools at our disposal. Like the mechanical platform replicating the natural movement of a driving car during shooting. Anything automotive, you’re welcome!


Nature of novelty Virtual set, real change

Our virtual stage is a fantastic tool for creative storytelling, limited by human imagination rather than by requirements. But it is something more… It is a game changer in terms of environmental burden provoked by the film industry. Enough to say that using ATM Virtual Stage reduces CO2 footprint over 100 times in comparison to traditional production that requires travelling to all locations. The set might be virtual, but it brings very real relief to our planet measured by tons of not emitted CO2.



Clean Poland starts in your home! This slogan continues in the new educational campaign of Program Czysta Polska [Clean Poland Association], which follows the 3R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The entire spot was shot at ATM Virtual.

Virtual stage vs. Location shoot

footprint analysis

Virtual stage footprint breakdown

  • disposal
  • materials
  • travel
  • post-production
  • non-filming spaces

Location footprint breakdown

  • travel
  • filming spaces
  • accomodation
  • non-filming spaces
  • materials, disposal & post-production
total tons CO₂
tons CO₂ per hour
2 844.67
offset costs
1 154.04$